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Bathroom Remodeling in Sun City, AZ

Elevate your Sun City, AZ, abode with the unparalleled bathroom transformation services of Offcut Interiors!

Bathroom Remodeling in Sun City, AZ

Envision yourself in a space where impeccable functionality meets bespoke elegance, offering a sanctuary of calm and personalized comfort to cater to every one of your preferences and requirements.

Elevate your bathroom from a simple idea to a vital aspect of your everyday sanctuary with a makeover that turns your dreams into reality!

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 Hunter Trueax – The Owner of Home Offcut Interiors

I started Offcut Interiors because I knew we could offer our neighbors a better remodeling service thanks to our extensive experience in the industry, but also because we love building. What makes us stand out is the fact that we’re always taking our projects a step further to ensure you’re completely satisfied with your investment.

Elevating Bathroom Elegance in Sun City, AZ

Offcut Interiors is dedicated to merging our extensive knowledge with meticulous attention to every detail, crafting bathrooms renowned for their visual and functional brilliance

Our approach transcends ordinary renovations, positioning us as your partners in comprehensive home enhancements.

Choosing Offcut Interiors for your bathroom remodel provides you with:

Begin the journey to your ideal bathroom in Sun City, AZ, with Offcut Interiors. Reach out to us at (480) 999-6134 today!

Our Bathroom Renovation Portfolio

Explore our portfolio to see our commitment to quality and the diverse array of bathroom renovations we have achieved. Let our past work inspire your own renovation journey:

Licensed and insured

Dozens of bathrooms remodeled

Design-build service

Hunter Trueax headshot
Ready to redefine your bathroom? Contact Offcut Interiors at (480) 999-6134 today!

Client Accolades

Witness the exceptional quality and professionalism Offcut Interiors brings to every bathroom endeavor, as celebrated by our delighted clients:

Volvo 1800S​


Hunter is an honest hardworking, forthright individual. I’ve known him for over 10 years and can vouch for his character. And when ready for his construction skills and reliability will not hesitate to employ him and recommend him to others considering remodeling projects.

John Doering​


The toughest thing to find is a good reliable remodeling contractor! If you are in that boat then Offcut is the answer to your problems. Reliable (they show up), amazing service, professional and very skilled at what they do!

Pricing Guide for Bathroom Renovations in Sun City, AZ

The investment for bathroom remodeling varies based on bathroom dimensions, project scope, and material selections. Here’s a general pricing guideline:
Bathroom Size Average cost
3' x 5' $1,800 – $4,100
4' x 6' $1,900 – $4,400
4' x 8' $3,900 – $8,800
5' x 7' $4,200 – $9,600
5' x 8' $4,900 – $10,900
5' x 9' $5,500 – $12,300
5' x 10' $6,100 – $13,700
6' x 6' $4,400 – $9,900
6' x 8' $5,900 – $13,100
6' x 9' $6,600 – $14,800
6' x 10' $7,300 – $16,400
7' x 9' $7,700 – $17,200
8' x 8' $7,800 – $17,500
8' x 10' $9,800 – $21,900
9' x 10' $11,000 – $24,600
10' x 10' $12,200 – $27,400
10' x 12' $14,700 – $32,800
11' x 9' $12,100 – $27,100
12' x 13' $19,000 – $42,800

Additional Expenses

Remember, these figures are estimates, and prices can vary based on specific project details. Contact Offcut Interiors at (480) 999-6134 for a customized quote!

Streamlining Your Bathroom Remodel

Our approach guarantees that your renovation project enhances your home’s efficiency and appeal without overlooking the distinctive elements that make your bathroom uniquely yours.


At Offcut Interiors, we provide budget-friendly solutions that don’t compromise on aesthetics or durability, ensuring your bathroom upgrade is a sound investment for the future.


We prioritize efficient work without sacrificing quality, aiming for rapid completion to reduce disruption, while keeping your project area neat and accessible for immediate enjoyment after the renovation.

Our Renovation Methodology

We customize our renovation process to suit your specific needs, aiming for results that exceed your expectations. Here’s a glimpse into our method:
Two persons looking at a home plan.



We ensure our design aligns with your vision and preferences.
Offcut Workers Checking Home Corners Before Remodeling



Our work is marked by meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail.
Luxury large white master bathroom cabinets with double sinks.



Revel in the beauty and functionality of your newly renovated bathroom, crafted to surpass your dreams.

For top-tier bathroom renovation services in Sun City, AZ, turn to Offcut Interiors. Dial (480) 999-6134 to kickstart your bathroom transformation journey with us!

FAQs on Bathroom Renovations in Sun City, AZ

The duration can vary, but most projects wrap up within a few weeks to a few months, depending on the complexity.
Reflect on your goals, budget, specific areas needing updates, and how the renovation might enhance your home’s value.
Not typically, though some phases may require you to temporarily relocate for ease and comfort.
To maintain modernity and functionality, consider renovating your bathroom every 10 to 15 years.
Sure! We want to design a bathroom that fits your vision perfectly. If you’re looking for inspiration, our skilled designer is available to offer expert advice to make the most of your space and bring your preferred style to reality.

Why Opt for Offcut Interiors for Your Sun City Bathroom Renovation

Hunter Trueax headshot

Hunter Trueax

Choose Offcut Interiors for a bathroom remodel that seamlessly integrates durability, safety, and elegance in Sun City, AZ. 

Contact (480) 999-6134 today to begin your journey towards an exquisite bathroom renovation!

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