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Kitchen Remodeling Cost In Kirkland, WA

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The kitchen remodeling cost in Kirkland, WA, is one of the most common concerns for homeowners that have their vacation homes here.

Here at Offcut Interior, our base kitchen remodel cost starts at $50k, and it covers refacing existing cabinets or installing new stock kitchen cabinets, new countertops, lighting, plumbing fixtures, and a new tile backsplash. 

Our high-end kitchen starts at $100k and is a complete reconfiguration of your kitchen with all-new, high-end features.

Kitchen Remodeling Cost Breakdown in Washington

The Typical Kirkland Kitchen Remodeling Cost

The cost of your kitchen remodeling will depend on a few different things, like the size, scope, materials, and any extra features you want. Of course, if you have a bigger space, it might mean a slightly higher budget but don’t worry, we’ll do our best to keep your overall cost within your budget.

Here are some cost averages for your kitchen remodeling in Kirkland, WA.

Type Job Cost Resale Value Cost Recouped
Minor Kitchen Remodel - Midrange $28,327 $20,478 72.3%
Major Kitchen Remodel - Midrange $82,580 $28,564 34.6%
Major Kitchen Remodel - Upscale $164,137 $43,969 26.8%
Our goal is to give you budget-friendly options that perfectly suit your needs, so you can make the most of your kitchen without spending a fortune. Get started by requesting a free quote today!

Labor In A Kitchen Remodeling Cost In Kirkland

If you’re looking for a complete kitchen remodel, you’ll need a team of architects, designers, plumbers, electricians, and more to come together and create a space that’s not only beautiful but also highly functional. Let’s see who we’ll need to make it happen!

Kitchen Architect Cost

Architects play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and stability of a structure after demolishing or building a new wall. They usually charge between $500 to $1,500 per hour or between 10% to 20% of your total project.

Kitchen Designer Cost

Kitchen designers will ensure your new kitchen has the perfect balance between efficiency and aesthetics without compromising its quality and safety. Good kitchen designers charge 10% to 20% of the total remodel, or between $500 to $1.500 per hour.

Plumber Cost

Kitchens often have multiple plumbing issues, either underneath the floor or the sink. Even if the installation works properly, doing a quick inspection before remodeling is a great idea. Plumbers charge between $70 and $150 per hour, plus materials.


If you’re adding new outlets, you’ll also want an electrician on-site. Even if you’re not moving any appliances, ensuring the electrical installation is up to date is crucial. Professional electricians will charge between $80 and $150 per hour, plus materials.

Kitchen remodeling cabinets being installed

Get All-In-One With A Resourceful Professional!

At Offcut Interior, we’ve got you covered with a solid network of experts. You’ll have the best plumbers, electricians, designers, and installers working together to make your project flow seamlessly and give you the absolute best outcome!

With us, you’re getting a fair and sensible kitchen remodeling cost in Kirkland because we want to help you finally get the remodel you’ve been dreaming of. Request your free pricing quote today!

The Upgrades And Features In A Kitchen Renovation Project

Kitchen remodeling projects involve a lot of exciting enhancements, features, and material choices. We’ll discuss the best materials, upgrades, and accessories available in the market at our on-site visit, but until then, let’s see some popular upgrades in Kirkland, WA.

Tile backsplash Prices

Let’s look at some backsplash materials.

Kitchen Appliances Costs

Investing in new appliances is often a significant portion of the total budget when carrying out a kitchen remodel. Refrigerators can range anywhere from $900 for a basic top-freezer model to $8,000 for a high-end built-in model.

Similarly, a range can cost as little as $650 for a basic electric model or as much as $10,000 for a professional-grade model.

Installing a new dishwasher might cost between $150 to $500, while installing a new range may cost anywhere between $100 to $200 if it’s replacing an existing range or up to $800 if new gas lines need to be installed.

Kitchen Countertops Costs

Granite and quartz countertops are a fantastic choice for your kitchen! Not only are they highly efficient, but they’re also incredibly durable and heat-resistant. Plus, they add a touch of elegance to your space. 

Granite slabs range from $50 to $400 per square foot, and quartz starts at around $70 for a simple slab and goes all the way up to $300 for a premium quartz slab with no veins.

The installation of these materials also comes with different price points.
Material Typical Cost (per square foot installed)
Laminate $30 - $72
Quartz $72 - $240
Hardwood $54 - $300
Marble $102 - $360
Granite $72 - $300
Stainless Steel $108 - $215

Kitchen Floors Prices

Replacing the wood floors with new, solid hardwood flooring costs between $2 and $20 for materials only or between $5 and $30 total cost per sq. ft. with installation included. Refinishing the wood floors has the highest ROI, as it won’t cost more than $2k – $3k.

Another great option that won’t break the bank is LVP or LVT. When it comes to vinyl plank flooring, you can find prices ranging from $2 to $10 per square foot. 

And if you’re looking for luxury vinyl planks, materials alone can cost you anywhere from $1 to $6. Just remember to also consider labor costs, which can be up to an additional $5.

Laminate is still a good option if you don’t get a lot of foot traffic in your kitchen. The cost of laminate flooring ranges from $2.70 to $11 per square foot, depending on the quality.

Porcelain tile is typically mid-range in price, costing an average of $12–$40 per square foot.

New cabinetry

No kitchen renovation is complete without the addition of stylish and modern cabinets.
Kitchen remodeling cabinets being installed

Budgeting For Your Kitchen Renovation Cost In Kirkland

When it comes to kitchen renovations, a lot of homeowners don’t really grasp the total cost until it’s too late. HGTV shows are doing more worse than good, showcasing kitchens that cost way above $80k and saying they were only $20k, confusing homeowners, and giving people fake expectations about their remodel.

Here are 3 tips to make sure you’re not overpaying for your project.

It’s not a great idea to overspend on features you won’t even use. Getting the fanciest stovetop if you’re not really into cooking simply doesn’t make sense. Or why get a kitchen extension if it’s just you and your partner? Focus on getting the upgrades that truly boost the functionality and comfort of your kitchen.
When it comes to kitchen remodeling, it’s crucial for homeowners to set aside some budget for planning. You never know what unexpected issues like mold, mildew, or plumbing problems might pop up, so being prepared is key! Adding 20% to your total project cost will provide a sufficient buffer to handle any unforeseen expenses, preventing unexpected challenges from hindering your progress.

For a quality kitchen remodeling project in Kirkland, it is crucial to plan for all expenses and work with a contractor that’s transparent about his fees. When working with a kitchen renovation company or contractors, make sure to inquire about the specific services or products included in the price you are paying. Find reliable contractors on your local BBB website in Kirkland, WA!

Get Pricing Transparency For Your Kitchen Renovation Cost In Kirkland With Offcut Interior

The average kitchen remodeling cost in Kirkland, WA is approximately $50,000, but the final cost will vary depending on your choice of materials and upgrades. We’ve worked on kitchens that were as low as $20k and as much as $90k+.

Either way, you’ll enjoy a reasonably priced, complete remodeling service that guarantees a long-term investment! You’ll get your desired outcome, all within your budget and timeframe.

We tend to over-deliver, so expect:

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