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The Best Home Remodeling Cost in Bothell, WA

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Home Remodeling Cost in Bothell Washington

Whenever people start thinking about home remodeling in the area, their first concern is the home remodeling cost in Bothell, WA. If you are in the same situation, we plan to give you some peace of mind and let you in on what it means to remodel your home from a financial standpoint.

Our base home remodel starts at $150k, and it’s perfect for a 2,000 sq. ft. home that’s relatively old. You’ll get a brand-new finish on all floors and a complete house repaint. Besides these, we’ll also remodel your kitchen and bath.

At Offcut Interiors, we provide remodeling services that are honest, fair, and cost-effective. Our goal is to help homeowners make improvements to their homes without incurring debt.

Home Remodeling Cost in Bothell Full Home Remodel

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The Typical Home Remodeling Cost In Bothell

he cost of home remodeling varies based on the work’s extent and the upgrades you desire. If you opt for high-quality materials, a kitchen renovation will be more expensive than a simple bathroom update.

One thing’s for sure: don’t spend more than 10-15% of your home’s current value on remodeling a single room. For example, if your home is valued at around $100,000, budget approximately $15,000 to remodel a bathroom or a kitchen.

Project Type Suggested Spend
Kitchen 16%
Attic or basement 10% - 15%
Primary bedroom 13%
Living area 10%
Primary bathroom 7%
Small bathroom 5%
Siding 3% - 5%
Windows 3% - 4%
Patio or backyard 2% - 5%
Roof 2% - 4%

What To Know About Home Remodeling Cost in Bothell, Washington

Generally speaking, remodeling an entire house in Bothell, Washington, can cost you as low as $10 and as high as $60 per square foot.

Home remodeling involves changing the functionality and/or design of your living space. This can include expanding rooms, reconfiguring dining areas, and removing walls. Although additions can also be considered a form of home remodeling, they involve a different scope of work.

In any way, remodeling makes your home more valuable on the market and easier to sell.

At Offcut Interiors, we’ve been providing home remodeling services in Bothell since the beginning. We possess expertise in every aspect of home remodeling and ensure that our clients are completely satisfied with our services, which are a valuable investment.

Check out our complete home remodeling service and enjoy high-quality craftsmanship at one of the best prices on the market!

Types Of Home Remodels You Can Get In Bothell

Refresh your home with a world-class remodel! Whether you’re after an entire transformation or just some small tweaks, we will cover all aspects of the project from beginning to end. Here are some remodeling ideas with their associated cost.

Kitchen Remodeling Cost in Bothell, WA

The average cost to remodel a kitchen in Bothell is approximately $50,000. However, the total cost can vary based on factors such as labor costs, square footage, materials, permits, and more.

Start by doing a complete reconfiguration of the layout to gain more space. Continue with new semi-custom or custom cabinets, a beautiful undermount sink, energy-efficient appliances, new tile or LVP flooring, a beautiful backsplash, and new lighting fixtures to finish everything off. This kind of remodel will cost in the north of $80k, but the result will be stunning.

Kitchen remodeling cabinets being installed

Bathroom Remodeling Cost in Bothell, Washington

Remodeling a bathroom in Bothell, Washington, could cost anywhere between $20,000 and over $60,000.

We’d recommend a walk-in shower with a glass enclosure (or at least a glass door) and a tile surround, as these are highly functional and efficient. These will be the most expensive upgrade, usually around $10k, but totally worth it.

Remodeling a bigger and more luxurious bathroom could cost anywhere from $30,000 to over $60,000. This would include changing the layout, adding a freestanding tub and glass enclosure, installing a walk-in shower, replacing the vanity with a new one, upgrading to high-end water fixtures, and changing lighting fixtures.

Man performing Bathroom remodel in WA

Basement Remodeling Cost in Bothell, Washington

On average, remodeling a basement in Bothell would cost around $20,400, depending on your finishes and your basement’s new purpose.

Remodeling a basement to make it functional and safe requires waterproofing, finishing, remodeling, and refurbishing, which can be time-consuming and expensive. Although starting from scratch can cost a lot, the return on investment and the added value to the property make it a worthwhile investment.

Finishing a basement brings over 70% ROI, so definitely an investment worth making!
Garage Remodeling Cost in Bothell, WA.

Many people are beginning to realize the potential of their garage and are opting for remodels, making it a popular trend.

The average cost to remodel a house garage is between $10,000 to $25,000. The final cost will vary based on the size of your garage, the upgrades you choose, and the intended use of the remodeled space.

A walkout basement being remodeled

Other Home Remodeling Projects Worth Looking Into

A kitchen or bathroom remodel is not the only option for home renovation. Other small projects can provide a great return on investment with minimal cost. Here are a few examples:

Frequently Asked Questions On Home Remodeling

To better streamline the process, I suggest beginning with planning and design. After that, move on to demolishing specific walls or areas of your house. The next steps are framing and rebuilding, followed by plumbing and electrical work.

Finally, consider walls, flooring, wall-mounted furniture, appliances, and final touches.

Remodeling involves more demanding tasks like removing or rebuilding a wall, mounting cabinets and furniture up on the wall, and changing the overall physical structure of your house.

As a result, it always requires a permit and is typically more expensive than renovation, which is less complex.

For renovations, it usually takes two weeks for minor changes and up to six months for more complex transformations. It’s advisable to take your time and proceed steadily to avoid making mistakes due to rushing.

Otherwise, what seems cheap now might turn out to be very expensive in the long run. So here are some things to keep in mind.

Home Remodeling Cost in Washington full remodel

Final Thoughts

The cost of remodeling a house in Bothell, WA, depends on your specific requirements. For instance, a moderate remodel that involves tasks such as repainting walls or replacing flooring can range between $150,000 and $250,000.

If you are looking for a complete renovation or a lavish transformation, it’s expected that you will have to spend around $400,000 to $500,000. This would involve remodeling every room and possibly adding more living space as well.

What specific renovations do you have in mind and what is your budget? Consider reaching out to a contractor in your area to obtain a cost estimate for your project.

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